7.103 Nokdu & Zucchini Fritters


17 (Sun) April 2016

Nokdu & Zucchini Fritters


by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


A couple days ago (see 7.101 Chicken Kebab Wrap), at the farewell party for ADL — who’s Pakistani-American — she bequeathed to me an assortment of spice packs that she didn’t feel like taking with her.

Just like how CAL — who’s Spanish — had left me her stuff (see generally 5.364 Grilled Shrimp…).

I’ve worked with both National (see for example 3.103 Broast Masala Chicken) and Shan (see for example 3.150 Chicken Masala…).
I’m beginning to think that the majority of Pakistani/Indian cooking comprises some combination of tomatoes/onions/garlic/ginger + meat/potatoes/beans/cheese + ghee/butter/oil/coconut milk + spices — all tasting vaguely the same, like curry.

Shami Kabab is a Pakistani/Indian meatball.  Typically minced lamb, sometimes chicken, with ground chickpeas and/or potato, egg, aromatics, spices.  Shaped into small disks, pan-fried in oil.  Served with any manner of dipping sauce, often simply fresh lemon.  Ubiquitous as a snack, appetizer, main dish.

To be further described in a future post, nokdu is mung bean, used in Korean cuisine most commonly to make bindae ddeok (see for example 7.022 CHAx5).

For my first dish with this windfall of seasonings, I tried the Shami Kabab.  No meat on hand, however — the lack of meat would disqualify this as shami, which is essentially a meat item — I substituted with nokdu and zucchini.  When the mash wouldn’t bind properly, I added steamed rice and pancake flour for better structure.  Overall, not too bad.  With some refinements, the fritters could be part of my gradually developing Middle Eastern / South Asian repertoire (see for example 6.257 Chicken & Cauliflower Tikka…).

Hoping to move the meal a bit closer to the source, I busted out the wine that I’d acquired in Jordan last year (see generally 6.159 Memories of Hummus).

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