7.121 Steamed King Prawn, Minced Garlic, Vermicelli


5 (Thu) May 2016

Steamed King Prawn, Minced Garlic, Vermicelli


at Li Li

(New World Manila Bay)

-Malate, Manila-

with the family

Children’s Day + Extended Administrative Leave, Day 1.

Together in Manila.  First time this year (see most recently 6.361 Corn Butter Itame).  Taking advantage of Children’s Day, which is a Korean national holiday today.  They flew in last night.  We’ll be flying back to Seoul next Monday.

Master Plan, Stage 1 : book us a room at New World Manila Bay — gotta work tomorrow morning, so the family can eat breakfast at the buffet and hang out at the pool until I get back — using my Club Epicure membership (see 6.360 Lobster, Maybe), which provides access to the Residence Club lounge.
Cocktail Meatballs (2.25)
The easy access to food is nice…
…but really, this is what lounge access is all about…
…especially the hard stuff.

Dinner at Li Li (see most recently 7.104 Braised Sea Cucumber…), of course.  Mostly the tried-and-true dishes, plus a couple new ones.  Great meal.

Starting with two perennial family favorites : Crab & Corn Soup (4.0) + Scallops with Broccoli (4.0).
Wok-Baked Cod, Egg Bean Curd, Champagne Sauce (2.0) : deep-fried, actually; tangy sauce worked better with pork (see for example 7.064 Deep-Fried Golden Mushrooms…).
Steamed King Prawn, Minced Garlic, Vermicelli (3.0) : the shrimp was just okay, but the silky noodles in light garlicky broth was very nice; could be part of the repertoire (see generally 7.085 Pilot…), but quite expensive at 388 pesos per pax.
Fookien-Style Fried Rice (3.25)


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