7.199 Mineo & Myeongran Muchim


22 (Fri) July 2016

Mineo & Myeongran Muchim


at Pungwol

(see most recently 6.347 Amaebi Avocado Maki)

-Oksu, Seoul-

with IZ

The Home Stretch : Day 8 (see previously 7.198 The Best MNM…).

At long last, the time has come.  Arrived in Seoul last Saturday.  Here for a week to pack up and ship our stuff to the Philippines, where we’ll be reunited to live as a family after 2.5 years.  Flying back together to Manila … tomorrow!

Pungwol is a Japanese pub. Located in Apgujeong, inside the Hyundai Apartment complex. (I swear that I’ve done a first-time post on this place, which we go to on occasion, albeit usually for drinks, but damned if I couldn’t find such a post).
Always packed.
Another night with just IZ.

Pungwol opened around early 2007, not long after I got married, which I distinctly recall because I was grateful to have a getaway/hideaway when I needed a well-deserved break from the In-Laws, who live down the street, even when visiting for a couple hours.


The food is consistently good, constantly changing menu, more fusion than traditional, but in a thoughtful way that takes Japanese fundamentals tries to create something distinctive with Korean ingredients.

Like the featured dish above, an intriguing muchim (salad) of delicately creamy mineo hoe — currently in season (see most recently 7.193 Mineo Hoe) — with briny myeongran (pollack roe), plus shaved nori for wisps of umami and a touch of sesame oil for nuttiness. At its best, fusion = synergy.

4 thoughts on “7.199 Mineo & Myeongran Muchim

  1. That dish looks so salty, briny, and delicious! I wish I lived near a restaurant that served awesome dishes like that. Impossible to attain in the Baltimore region… *sigh*

    1. you could make this!

      halibut or snapper sashimi, plus myeong-ran-jeot (명란젓), with touches of sesame oil and soy sauce, shredded laver, maybe some sesame seeds, minced scallion.

      go for it!

      1. Hmm… I bet I could make that! Did you make this? If you give me the portions per ingredient, I could try to get ingredients after my surgery next week and try it out. I’ll be eating at home a hell of a lot for a couple weeks so the more variety that gets me excited about eating, the better! Also, trying to gain some weight these days, so anything that gets me excited to eat during meal times are awesome. That’s one of the reasons why I got into your blog in the first place. Honestly, I have NO clue how I came across it, but it was at least 2 years ago now, I think. Well before you swapped to this new blog format. I saw your second born and grow up so much through social media, and your first son really grow into a little man! Your awesome photos and writing really brought me back home and to my family roots with Korean cuisine and flavors that got me so excited about food and food culture.

      2. (a) will work on a recipe and post it (though that probably wouldn’t happen until december)

        (b) surgery next week?? that’s an odd bomb to drop in the middle of a comment on a food blog! hope it went well!!!!!

        (c) “trying to gain some weight these day” — i think for most people, including/especially me, that kind of statement is along the lines of “if only I had less money to spend…”

        (d) i really appreciate that you’ve been reading the blog for so long! nobody (except maybe 4 readers) leaves comments regularly, so i never know for sure if anyone actually reads (not that I do this to get more readers). so glad that you’ve finally reached out!! funny to think that IZ kinda grew up inside GMTD.

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