7.206 Sushizanmai Deluxe


29 (Fri) July 2016

Sushizanmai Deluxe


at Sushizanmai

-Chuo, Tokyo-

with the family

Mission to Japan : Day 1.

In Tokyo.  Arrived tonight.  Here for a tobacco meeting tomorrow.  W and the Boyz are tagging along.  Flying back to Manila the day after tomorrow.

Sign for Sushi Zanmai (top left), entrance to Tsukiji Fish Market (top right).
Sushi Zanmai is a Japanese restaurant chain. Founded 1979. Currently 51 locations. Open 24 hrs, 365 days.

Unfortunately, by the time that we got into town, close to midnight, most restaurants were closed.

Fortunately, our hotel is located across the street from the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market.

Unfortunately, the little sushi shops that make the market famous were closed.

Fortunately, Sushi Zanmai was open.

Popular among locals and tourists for good, no-frills, relatively affordable — 100 JPY = 1 USD — sushi.
But certainly not cheap.

The food was okay, if unremarkable.

Nevertheless, DJ was tickled to death to be eating his all-time favorite food at the source — in fact, to fulfill my son’s gastronomic fantasy is the primary reason that I agreed for them to come along — and so, the meal was a memorable one.

Magurosanmai Special (3.5) : predictably excellent.

Couldn’t help but think of how blown away I’d been by a random late-night sushi experience in Osaka a couple years back (see generally 5.146 Shime Saba Hako Sushi).

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  1. toro (tuna belly) may very well be the most exquisite food on the planet, when eaten as is (i.e., e.g., a steak has to be aged, cooked).

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