7.351 Namako Salad in Ponzu Sauce


21 (Wed) December 2016

Namako Salad in Ponzu Sauce


at Pungwol

(see most recently 7.199 Mineo & Myeongran Muchim)

-Apgujeong, Seoul-

with W

Whereas cooked sea cucumber (namako) has a distinctive spongy-jellyish texture, raw sea cucumber is even more distinctive in its uniquely dense-chewy slipperyishness, nothing else like it.

Mostly flavorless, just slightly briny, thus necessitating a strong condiment, like ponzu.

Earlier that evening … (see most recently 7.298 A Special Korean At-Home Meal à la MIL).

Home for the Holidays, Day 2 (see previously 7.350 Ganjang Gejang).

In Seoul.  Winter break. Going back to Manila on the 31st — can hardly wait.

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