8.096 Mee Goreng Mamak


11 (Tue) April 2017

Mee Goreng Mamak


room service

-Legoland Resort, Iskandar Puteri-


Holy Week Family Vacation to Malaysia-Singapore, Day 2 (see previously 8.095 Peanut Sauce).

Monday to Wednesday in Johor. For Legoland.  Thursday to Friday in Singapore.  For food.  Back to Manila on Saturday.

The entrance is minutes from the hotel.
As seen from our hotel room, which overlooks the water park.
Legoland Map
Legoland Resort comprises a theme park and a water park.

We spent the day at the theme park, which includes a variety of displays, games, and rides, many featuring co-branded series, such as Star Wars.  The park is compact, and not too crowded, at least not today, so we saw and did pretty much everything, with minimal fuss.  Good times.

I recall that my previous trip to Malaysia was in the context of a regional meeting on restricting the marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages to children (see generally 6.330 Assorted Fruits Skewers), which Malaysia is particularly notorious for – the marketing, not the restricting thereof (see for example 6.328 #7 Paku Sambal Belacan).

Ultimately, it’s all about the Legos themselves.

The main store at the park entrance/exit, though Legos are sold e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e throughout the park.  At each attraction, it was a battle all over again to persuade the boys to wait until the end of the day – “But Dad, what if this one is sold out by that time?!”
The biggest selection of Lego that I’ve ever seen, both the brick sets and the related merch.

For reasons not important enough to share, we ended up eating dinner at Subway in a small shopping center next to the hotel.

Back in the room, I ordered room service for myself.

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