8.141 Zaru Soba


26 (Fri) May 2017

Zaru Soba


by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with the Family

I’ve come up with a trick to enhance the experience of this dish when prepared at home.


The dipping sauce – fairly easy to make from scratch with soy sauce, mirin (sweet cooking wine), and stock of dashi (kelp and dried fish flakes) – is readily available in stores as a concentrate to which water is added.

Ideally, the sauce is served cold – in my opinion, the colder the better.

However, even if the bottle is kept chilled, and chilled water is added, the sauce quickly loses its chill after a few dips of noodles.

Ice cubes don’t melt fast enough to keep up – even worse, once they do melt, the sauce becomes too diluted.


The trick is shaved ice, measured by weight in the amount of water that would be added.  It melts quickly to attain the proper ratio of concentrate to water and achieve ice-coldness that lasts at least through a full portion of noodles.  Some of the ice flakes actually cling to the noodles for extra bite.


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