8.142 Katsudon


27 (Sat) May 2017



by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with the Family

On occasion, I make tonkatsu from scratch (see 4.129 Tonkatsu [with recipe]).

For the first time, I tried brining the meat.  The cutlets did retain moisture to turn out much juicier, but perhaps too juicy – being pork, the meat seemed ickily undercooked.

But at least I know the technique works.

Brining would seem most useful for things like 24-pound turkeys, which take so long to cook through the dark meat that the white meat ends up horribly dry (see for example 3.359 Roast Turkey…).
From Cook’s Illustrated: The Science of Good Cooking by America’s Test Kitchen – my favorite source of recipes.

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