8.143 Fried Chicken Ban-Ban


28 (Sun) May 2017

Fried Chicken Ban-Ban


from BBQ

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with the Family

The Korean fried chicken juggernaut BBQ has at last entered the Philippine market – presumably, an official branch.  Located in BGC, both for dine-in and delivery.  Unlike in Korea, where the chain offers only variations of fried chicken and related items, the menu here also includes a random assortment of Korean rice and noodle dishes.

I’m curious as to how the proprietors intend to position the brand, which is based on the Korean practice of eating fried chicken as a snack, often with beer, in a country where fried chicken is eaten as a meal, always with rice.  Imagine the converse: a Filipino fried chicken company (e.g., Frank’s) trying to push rice onto customers in Korea.


ban-ban = half-half.

Ban = simply deep-fried, lightly seasoned.

Ban = same deep-fried bird coated in a spicy-sweet sticky glaze – referred to as “yangnyeom (sauce) chicken” – very distinctly Korean.

I always prefer the former – which would explain why this is the first time that it’s being described on GMTD.

W prefers the latter.

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