6.299 Yetnal Tongdak


31 (Sat) October 2015

Yetnal Tongdak


from BBQ [delivery]

at home

-Apgujeong, Seoul-

with the family

BBQ Chicken is a Korean chicken delivery chain. Founded in 1995.  Currently — supposedly — over 4,000 branches worldwide, including over 350 locations in 56 countries outside of Korea, such as USA, Brazil, Spain, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Mongolia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Viet Nam, Fiji, and Australia.  Arguably Korea’s second most famous chain, after Kyochon (see generally 4.094 Original Soy-Garlic Chicken).  Despite the name — and no, it didn’t start out* as “Best of Best Quality” — the emphasis is on deep-fried chicken.

To my utter surprise, this is the first time featuring BBQ on the blog.

A combination of 3 marketing techniques, all aimed at kids : celebrity endorsement + brand sharing + loyalty scheme.

Since launching the blog, most delivery chicken orders have been put through Torre Ore, which I prefer for the roast/grill chicken (see most recently 5.138 Original Gui Chicken…).


The Yetnal Tongdak was crap.  Though deep-fried whole as per tradition — “yetnal = old days” — the chicken was slathered in the sweetish chili sauce commonly associated with modern-day Korean fried chicken.  And improperly cooked, the skin was inedibly greasy.  Ugh.

Afterwards, we all gorged on ramyeon and kimchi to wash away the ick.

The Prodigal Son Returns to Score Drugs, Day 2 (see previously 6.298 Mul Naeng Myeon).

In Seoul.  Took sick leave and flew home yesterday to get treatment for this cough that I can’t seem to kick, now into the 15th day.  Flying back to Manila on Monday.

For better or for worse, the national health insurance system in Korea guarantees cheap medication; here, 3 days worth of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals cost a mere 3,580 won (about $3).

*Koreans like to retroactively apply words to initialisms that initially didn’t stand for anything — e.g., Hyundai “XG” = “Extra Glory;” DJ “DOC” = “Dream of Children” — or meant something else — e.g., “KT&G” = “Korea Tobacco & Ginseng (before)” vs “Korea Tomorrow & Global (now);” “LG” = “Lucky Goldstar/Geumseong (officially)” vs “Life’s Good (slogan).”

4 thoughts on “6.299 Yetnal Tongdak

  1. If you want to try great BBQ go to my friend Linus’ BBQ place in Seoul! He’s a great guy and I’m positive the food will be amazing. https://www.facebook.com/LinusBbq

    also I wonder if pharmacies in Korea still give you those sealed packet full of powder that you have to swallow straight from the pouch. potent but yech

    1. i’ve read an article about this guy. i’ll be sure to check it out.

      how do you know him?

      BTW, you do realize that the “BBQ” here isn’t actually barbecue.

      haven’t seen powder these days….

      1. I was friends with him when we both lived in NYC, way back in the day (transplanted Korean-Americans raised in the South, had friends in common, etc.)

        Why isn’t BBQ barbecue? That makes no sense. Does BBQ mean something else in Korea?

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