8.229 Tuna Nigiri 3 Pieces


22 (Tue) August 2017

Tuna Nigiri 3 Pieces


at Itamae Sushi

-Minato, Tokyo-


Mission to Japan, Day 1.

In Tokyo.  Here to coordinate the Third Meeting of the APPFGH – Thursday to Friday.  Enhancing the Role of Parliamentarians to Address NCDs and Healthy Ageing.  The Forum has become one of my flagship programs (see previously 7.324 Left Behind) – dare I say, one of WHO WPRO’s flagship initiatives – very pleased that they continue to trust me with such a high profile, high level event.

Itamae Sushi is a Japanese chain restaurant. Specializes in sushi, with emphasis on tuna. Open 24 hours!  Currently 12 locations in Tokyo, including this one near our hotel.

Arriving a couple days early to finalize preparations, spent most of the day writing scripts for the presenters, then off to a quiet late-nite solo snack.

The sushi was good, especially the bluefin tuna.  The 3-piece set included akami (standard), chu-toro (fatty tuna) – as always, my favorite – and o-toro (fattiest tuna).  I;m sure that my Japanese colleagues would roll their eyes about such a place, but it was exactly what I needed at this time and place.


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