8.357 Lobster with Mushrooms and Noodles in Truffle Sauce 


28 (Thu) December 2017

Lobster with Mushrooms and Noodles in Truffle Sauce


at Grand Imperial Restaurant

-Pinnacle Annex, Bandar Sunway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-

with the Family

Winter Family Vacation to Malaysia, Day 4 (see previously 8.256 Nasi Lemak…)

In Kuala Lumpur.  Here for Sunway Lagoon – a theme park and resort.  Monday thru Thursday.  Back to Manila on Friday.

Sunway is a vast commercial complex that includes Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Pyramid Mall, Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway Condominiums and other residential properties, Sunway University, Sunway Le Cordon Bleu (!), plus numerous hotels, including the flagship Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, and many restaurants in between.  Located in Bandwar Sunway (Sunway City), a township in the greater metropolitan area of Kuala Lumpur, about 20 km from downtown.

As shown in the photos above, we’d eaten here for lunch upon arrival on Monday, so we had even higher hopes for dinner.

Steamed Live Garoupa in Soy-Ginger Sauce (3.5)

The food awesome, all of it.

The highlight was the lobster.  Whereas any dish with truffle tends to become all about the truffle, the pungency here was artfully demure, adding but a delicately enhancive twang to the sweet brininess of the lobster meat, as if the lobster had been carefully aged to taste that way.  White pepper lobster remains my favorite lobster dish, but this one had a more more complex and dynamic flavor profile.  Thankfully, the noodles sopped up every last drop of that perfectly balanced sauce, along with the drippings of the lobster.

Birthday Buns (2.5) – on the house (restaurant).

Happy Birthday to Me (45) (see also MY BIRTHDAYS)

When we got back to the room, this was waiting for me, compliments of the house (hotel) – nice touch!!

I see us returning here very soon.

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