9.035 Jjusam Mussam


9 (Fri) February 2018

Jjusam Mussam


by W

with support from the Ajumma Network

at home

-BGC, Taguig, Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Jjusam Mussam = octopus (jjuggumi) + pork belly (samgyeopsal) (see 2.171 O-Jju-Sam Bokkeum witrh Ddeok) + pickled radish (mu) + romaine lettuce wrap (ssam) + rice + mayo.   The tanginess of the radish was a nice counterpoint to the spiciness of the octopus.   Could’ve done without the mayo.

I made up the name “Jjusam Mussam” because of the rhyme – though ironically, Koreans wouldn’t appreciate it.

The Korean language does not have rhyme, not even a word for it.  When I tried to explain the concept to W – in the context of declaring Eminem to be a linguistic genius (seriously) – she was dismissive, didn’t see the point.  In the past generation, with the growing cohort of Korean-American artists in K-Pop/K-Rap, rhyming has suddenly become a thing.

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