10.095 Chicken Tandoori + Biryani + Hummus + Pita


10 (Wed) April 2019

Chicken Tandoori + Biryani + Hummus + Pita


from Kashmir (San Antonio Plaza branch)

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati-

with the Family

TERSAP.  Try Every Restaurant in San Antonio Plaza.  The family recently moved to Dasmariñas Village in Makati.  Just beyond the gates via Palm Avenue on the northeast side lies San Antonio Plaza, a small shopping center that includes four restaurants.  2.5 km door to door, they’re the closest proper eateries in our new neighborhood.  We shall try all of them.

  1. La Nuova Pastaleria (10.079 Due Gusti Pizza) – wouldn’t mind going back.
  2. Isogi by Kai (10.084 Tuna Sashimi Pizza) – wouldn’t mind going back.
  3. Kashmir – not sure, but willing to give it a second shot.
  4. Maple – TBC

This would appear to be part of the chain that once had a branch in Manila (see generally 5.292 Lamb Ribs), which regrettably shut down, just as I had begun to like it (see most recently 6.275 Chicken Tikka Masala).

The branch in San Antonio Plaza does have an à la carte menu, but I’m looking forward more to the ready-to-eat takeout items – a kind of replacement for Hossein, which had been my go-to last-minute on-the-way-home for-solo-consumption place when we lived in BGC (see for example 7.331 Tandoori Chicken + Tabouleh).

However, the place does reek of overused oil.

Chicken was not too bad (2.5), rice (came with chicken) was okayish (2.5), hummus had gone bad (0.0), pita (came with hummus) was dry and flavorless (1.0) = 1.5.


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