10.084 TERSAP 2: Tuna Sashimi Pizza


30 (Sat) March 2019

TERSAP 2: Tuna Sashimi Pizza


at Isogi by Kai

-San Antonio Plaza, Makati-

with the family

TERSAP.  Try Every Restaurant in San Antonio Plaza.  The family recently moved to Dasmariñas Village in Makati.  Just beyond the gates on the northeast side lies San Antonio Plaza, a small shopping center that includes four restaurants.  2.5 km door to door, they’re the closest proper eateries in our new neighborhood.  We shall try all of them.

  1. La Nuova Pastaleria (10.079 Due Gusti Pizza) – wouldn’t mind going back.
  2. Isogi by Kai – wouldn’t mind going back.
  3. Kashmir – TBC
  4. Maple – TBC



The Tuna Sashimi Pizza was okayish.  Grilled tortilla had nice crisp, with a wisp of smokiness.  Sprouts were nice.  But too much mayo on top and too much of some kind of tangy sauce on the bottom, completely drowning out the tuna itself.  Would never order it again – as I said to the boys: “Enjoy it now, because you may never see it again in your lifetime.” – but don’t regret this once.

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