7.257 Strawberry Shortcake (TERSP 21-23)


18 (Sun) September 2016

Strawberry Shortcake


at Café Mary Grace

-Serendra Piazza, Taguig-

with the boyz

TERSP.  Try Every Restaurant in Serendra Piazza.  The family now living in Manila, our new home is in the One Serendra condominium complex.  The complex includes a mini-mall (“Serendra Piazza”) dedicated primarily to food and drink, with 23 restaurants (plus additional dessert/snack joints).  AS OF TODAY, we’ve eaten our way through all the restaurants (maybe eventually the dessert/snack joints, though not as part of TERSP).  In contrast to the negative net returns on other “Try Every” projects conducted by myself in Ermite/Malate, we were quite happy with the overall outcome, not surprising as The Fort is one of the country’s poshest neighborhoods, where food is taken seriously.


Each restaurant is listed below in order of preference based on the overall dining experience, including the quality of all dishes tried, cost, service, cleanliness, ambiance, and any other factors that may apply, cumulative through multiple visits (if any).

Looking forward to  :

Wouldn’t mind :

If necessary :

Would try to avoid :

Receiving an upgrade from its initial green label to blue, Hossein claims the top spot at the conclusion of TERSP.  The food is excellent in the sense that it’s solidly and consistently good [as demonstrated thru several subsequent visits beyond the current timeline of GMTD].  And personally, I’d rather eat Persian-Arabic-Indian fare than Italian or French or Filipino on any given day.

The Clean Plate is a Spanish restaurant.
On paper, this would seem to be my kind of place …
Gambas y Chorizo (2.5) : … and not too bad in execution.

For reasons unknown and unapparent, The Clean Plate didn’t seem to engender much enthusiasm, whether in me or the general public.  Always empty.  [Not long after this post, the place would close down for business.]

Madeca is a Mexican restaurant.
Even though we were the only customers in the place, they still made us take a number … to ensure that the server would know where to deliver the food — reminded me of that scene in Meet the Parents.
More like American-Mexican.
Lechon Kewali Soft Taco (2.5) : not bad, but thoroughly uninspiring.

Madeca is the newest restaurant on the scene, opening just a couple days ago.

With a couple other new places currently prepping to open, I decided to get TERSP over with before I had to deal with them.  The project has been good to us, but it was getting to be a bit tiresome/burdensome.  So, Samhahm crawled the remaining three establishments — starter + main + dessert — to bring TERSP to a close.

Mary Grace is an Italian-ish restaurant/bakery chain.  Founded in the Philippines, iconic and ubiquitous throughout the country.

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