10.219 Roast Chicken Tikka Masala


12 (Mon) August 2019

Roast Chicken Tikka Masala


by me

in my hotel room

(Quest Suva)

-Suva, Fiji-


Mission to Fiji, Day 3.

In Suva.  Here for the Fifth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health – first to finalize preparations, then to facilitate the event itself, which will begin 8 days from now.  This will be the fifth and final trip to Fiji in relation to the meeting (see previously 10.192 Rourou Moci).

(1) The idea started when I encountered these roast chickens for sale in the supermarket.
(2) The packaged sauce – by the Australia-based Passage to India brand – sealed the deal.

For the fourth documented occasion, I cooked dinner for myself in Fiji.  Prior occasions:

(3) My room at the Quest Suva included cooking facilities and implements, which made the entire endeavor possible.

Alas, the tikka masala sauce was terribly salty and sour and insipid.

But the experience was kinda fun.

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