10.312 Mixed Grill


13 (Wed) November 2019

Mixed Grill


from Shawarma Snack Center

at PC’s home

-Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the WPRO Whisky Club

The second meeting of the club (see most recently 10.074 Dumplings), again on the occasion of the country office network meeting, again at PC’s.

Mostly from PC’s personal collection.
My 4 contributions, including 2 new ones by Glenmorangie and 2 from New Zealand.
My favorite was this Clynelish 14, which I found to be playfully fruity.

PC ordered delivery again from SSC (see most recently 6.126 Tabouleh + Chicken Tikka), which I suspect was inspired by my choice to serve Arabic food when I had hosted an event at my place last year (see 9.304 Lamb Rojanjost).  The simplicity of the cuisine, with hints of spice, goes quite nicely with whisky.  The food is also amenable to standing at room temperature and self-service, which is convenient for nibbling through the course of the evening.

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