10.311 Salisbury Steak in Pan Gravy


12 (Tue) November 2019

Salisbury Steak in Pan Gravy


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

The dish was an attempt at making Japanese hambagu, but I’ve been subsequently informed by Japanese colleagues that authentic hambagu requires a different sauce.

Amd so, I present my first go at Salisbury Steak, all from scratch, including the gravy.  Regardless of national origin, it was very good.

* * * *

This week, the Regional Office hosts the heads of our country offices, which we do twice a year.

The buffet starts with fried noodles …

At the afternoon reception, the typical array of unhealthy and unappetizing foods in the Philippine tradition (see most recently 9.062 Crap, As Ever).

… then onto boiled sausages …
… nachos with processed American cheese …
… deep-fried pork & shrimp rolls, and deep-fried crab dumplings (artificial krab and mayonnaise) …
… and finishing off with buko pandan (pandan-flavored jello and coconut in condensed milk).

In stark contrast, I attended several events this year that served wholesome and delicious foods, for example in Japan (see 10.068 Healthyish Diet ), Tunisia (see 10.172 Tajine with Shrimps), and New Zealand (see 10.290 Fish with Salsa Verde).

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