10.319 Maine Lobster in Thai Chili Sauce


20 (Wed) November 2019

Maine Lobster in Thai Chili Sauce


at Seafood Market & Restaurant

-Bangkok, Thailand-


Mission to Thailand, Day 2.

In Bangkok.  Here to participate in a consultation – “Innovations for Strengthening National Capacities in Health Law & Ethics” – as a pre-event at the 51st Conference of the Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium on Public Health.  I had attended a similar event in Malaysia last year (see 9.249 Ostrich in Oyster Sauce).

Perhaps the biggest single indoor restaurant that I’ve ever seen.

Seafood Market & Restaurant is a Thai restaurant.  Specializes in seafood, sold by weight, made to order.

90% empty at 20:15 on a Wednesday.

As GMTD readers are well aware, Manila has its own Seafood Market & Restaurant (see most recently 10.276 Miso Soup with Parros Clams (No Ginger)).  One of the most featured and celebrated spots in the history of the blog, mostly in the context of dinner functions hosted by Korean staff at WHO.

The rounded open kitchen is remarkably similar to the one in Manila.

A long time ago, someone had told me that the restaurant was Thai in origin, which I had taken to mean that the market thing was Thai in concept (see for example 6.173 Black Pepper Giant Prawns).   After tonight’s experience, I am convinced that one place has something directly to do with the other, though not sure what.


It was the most impressive selection – seafood and veg and other – that I have encountered at such buy-your-own-ingredients restaurants.

Maine Lobster: THB 3,750 (USD 124) per kg.
Cockles: THB 550 (USD 18) per kg.
Morning Glory (kangkong): THB 150 (USD 5) per bunch.
The restaurant also had its own liquor store offering a wide range of booze.
Morning Glory THB 150 + Cockles THB 186 + THB Lobster 4,582 = THB 4,918 (USD 162)

Though not at all cheap, especially not the fancy stuff that dumb tourists go for, like lobster, including the scam cooking charge that’s applied after the fact.

As if the costs of cooking weren’t already built in to the exorbitant prices of the ingredients.
“Since I’m splurging on lobster, I should defray costs by drinking Champagne.”
A well-balanced meal.
Stir-Fried Morning Glory (pak boong fai daeng) (3.5): if I learn only one Thai dish in my life, this would have to be it.
Stir-Fried Cockles in Black Bean Sauce (1.5): kind smelly, accentuated by being undercooked.
Chili Sweet & Sour Sauce + Chili Fish Sauce
Stir-Fried Maine Lobster in Thai Chili Sauce (3.5): lobster prepared Asian style – anything with garlicky gravy that goes well with steamed rice – my favorite kind of dish.

Reaffirming my personal rule when traveling for work: if fresh lobster is on the menu, order it – I deserve lobster.

A thoroughly-enjoyed meal.

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