10.352 Entraña


23 (Mon) December 2019


(see index WHAT)


at La Cabrera

(see index WHERE)

-Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with KF and BB

Dinner with K and B, my godkids of a sort (see 8.331 Carrot Rice).


La Cabrera is an Argentinean restaurant.  Specializes in steak grilled over live flames, as per Argentine tradition.

For starters, the restaurant served a wide range of small side dishes, mostly pickles and salads, as well as breads with a variety of dips, all well-suited to accompany the steaks.

Chicharrones (2.0): typically made with pork rinds, this version involved pure beef fat, presumably trimmings from the steaks.

The Etraña was exquisite.  Skirt.  USDA Prime.  Cooked to medium rare, the texture was luxuriously tender with a bit of chew.  Superb beef flavor, enhanced by a hint of flame-licked char.  One of the best steaks that I’ve ever had (see BEST IN STEAK).

Suprisingly, this ribeye was the only cut sourced from Argentina – the server explained that the cooking method is what makes the restaurant Argentinian, not the meat itself.  Makes me even more skeptical about that other place (see 10.280 New York Striploin Steak).

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