8.331 Carrot Rice


2 (Sat) December 2017

Carrot Rice


at Le Blanc Hotel & Resort

-Antipolo, Manila, Philippines-

with wedding guests

KF got married today.

I was deeply honored to be invited as a principal sponsor.  If I understood her explanation, that now makes me a lifelong (marriagelong) guardian/advisor – in Tagalog, ninong = godfather.  Presumably, I may be called on for general guidance, which I could probably handle in most cases, and perhaps emotional/spiritual support, which I will probably fumble in most cases; the financial implications are vague, though maybe I’ll take them out to lunch on their anniversary.  On their end, they have to kneel whenever I walk into the room.

Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Following the church ceremony, the reception was held at a hotel a few minutes down the street.

While waiting for the newlyweds to arrive – which would take many many hours, or so it felt – several guests died of starvation.

The food was fine, as far as wedding buffets go.

I was intrigued by the carrot rice, which was nothing more than steamed rice with flecks of carrot, serving no real purpose beyond visual appeal, but such a simple, innocuous way of perking up a fundamental yet always boring aspect of the meal.

Barbeque Chicken Salad (2.5): on the menu, “barbeque” was spelled here with a “q,” but as “barbecue” with a “c” below.
Barbecued Babyback Ribs, Corn with Tarragon Butter, Baby Potatoes (2.5): in the Philippines – our cafeteria at work does the same thing – the term “babyback ribs” does not refer literally to babyback ribs (see for comparison 7.142 Ultimate Rib Platter) but rather refers metaphorically to any kind of pork that is slathered in BBQ sauce.
Crusted Dory, Sweet Soy Glaze, Asparagus, Mashed Potatoes: what I don’t get about the plating here is that only 18 guests would get an asparagus spear and only 13 guests would get a scoop of mashed potatoes – anyway, sorry, I don’t eat dory.
Stuffed Rolled Chicken, Creamed Spinach, Creamed Corn (2.5)
Spicy Tuyo, Angel Hair Pasta (1.5): the tuyo, a dried fish, was overwhelming.

Congratulations!  I will try to be there for you both.

One half looks way way happier than the other.

Today was also the annual end-of-year dinner for Korean staff (see most recently 7.338 Haemul Pa Jeon), held this year in Tagaytay, near a golf course where many of them had spent the afternoon playing a round.  When I showed up in the suit that I had worn to the wedding, someone asked if I was the MC for the night.

Hoping for another opportunity to cover this place, an eel restaurant, which was quite good.

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