11.013 Bife de Chorizo


18 (Sat) January 2020

Bife de Chorizo

(see WHAT)


at La Cabrera

(see index WHERE)

-Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

According to the menu, “bife de chorizo” is striploin.  Unless that’s a proprietary name, I think that it may be an incorrect designation.  I could find no other on-line reference to the term, except just “chorizo” in the standard sense of the sausage.  If I’m reading the diagrams correctly, I think striploin is either “bife ancho” or “bife angosto.”

Anyway …

Whatever it’s called, the piece of meat was awesome.  Explosive beef flavor, further enhanced by the taste of fire.  Perfectly chewy and tender.  Perhaps the best steak that I have experienced in my life.

To reconfirm my first impression, we also ordered the Etraña (skirt steak), which was also awesome but clearly falling short in beefiness compared to the Bife de Chorizo.

Everyone agreed that the steak at La Cabrera is superior to the steak at Mamou.

For now, La Cabrera remains second in steakhouse rankings (see BEST IN STEAK).  I will wait until the fourth visit before deciding whether it should claim the top spot.

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