11.050 Sundae Guk


24 (Mon) February 2020

Sundae Guk

(see index WHAT)


by W

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

In fairness, I’d planned on staying a bit late at work and grabbing something for dinner on the way home, which prompted W to whip out one of her emergency frozen instant packaged items – both blood sausage soup (sundae guk) and additional sausages – but then I just went straight home without eating, just in the nick of time to partake in the meal.


The first cardinal family food rule is always to share.

The second cardinal family food rule is never to waste.


Nevertheless, with the kids looking on, I couldn’t bear to finish the bowl put before me.   Not a big fan of organs/offal in general (see for example 6.009 Awful), the bits and pieces of pork in the soup had a funky/stinky flavor and crumbly/mushy texture.  Couldn’t do it.

I will take this opportunity to place a self-ban on all organs/offal from any animal.  Somewhere down the road, I might miss foie gras (see for example 5.108 Grilled Seabass) or daechang (see for example 8.044 Grilled Daechang, Baby), but I’ll be perfectly fine to live a lifetime without.  The biggest sacrifice will be sundae, which is one of my favorite foods, especially at food carts in Korea (see for example 3.134 Sundae in Ddeokbokki Sauce).

Milestones in Meat Moderation – for personal health, environmental sustainability, and the welfare of beasts, I am taking steps towards reducing my consumption of animals:

  1. No Australian beef (10.348 Steak)
  2. No air-breathing fauna at Japanese restaurants (11.001 Tofu Salad)
  3. No meat products at Jollibee (11.037 1-Piece Chickenjoy Meal)
  4. No meat in home-made hayashi rice (11.044 Veggie Hayashi Rice)
  5. No organs/offal from any animal (11.050 Sundae Guk)


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