11.088 Hayashi Rice with Köttbullar


2 (Thu) April 2020

Hayashi Rice with Köttbullar


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Whereas hayashi is a Japanese-made wannabe European brown sauce, it went seamlessly with the Swedish köttbullar, which came in a similarish gravy.

The canned meatballs, by the Swedish brand Felix, were okay.  Nothing like homemade (see for example 4.227 Köttbullar med Lingonsylt), but decent in a pinch.


3 thoughts on “11.088 Hayashi Rice with Köttbullar

  1. Hello there,

    Long time no hear. I’m glad to see that the blog is still going strong. I went back to some the recipes you posted on the old blog and started reminiscing about the “cooking exchange” we had, as well as the epic nights of eating and drinking when I visited Seoul.

    Anyways, hope everything is going great with you and that you can keep the blogging going on. I remember you talking about getting it (or parts of it) printed in book form? Did that materialize?
    And if you’re up to do some cooking exchange again in the future, I’m all up for it. Being stuck at home is pretty boring and cooking new stuff is one of the biggest highlights.
    Us both trying recipes from the North korean cookbook you gifted me would be one possible exchange?

    1. Great to hear from you, my old friend!! I was just thinking of you when I made this dish. (I think I still owe you money for the whiskies.)

      I was also thinking of you the other day when I saw something on the news about Sweden deciding against imposing home quarantine. So why are you stuck at home?

      Still blogging, though I don’t think anyone follows me anymore, which is fine because I prefer anonymity. I am planning on writing the blog through 12 cycles. I’m currently in the process of transferring the posts from the old site to this one. When it’s all done, I’ll work on laying it out for print.

      In any case, I would absolutely love to do another cooking exchange. I can’t recall how it worked – you would make something Korean, then I would do something Swedish? I still have the cookbook that you sent me. Let me know how you want to do it!!

      1. Yeah, I think we never managed to settle the money for the whiskies (international transactions can be a b*tch).

        It’s true that the authorities haven’t imposed any strict rules about home quarantines. Instead the go the “recommendations” route: recommending people who can to work from home, recommending/urging people not do to any unneccesary trips to other regions of the country and so on. Plus we have actual strict rules about minimum distance at restaurants, maximum number of participants at public events etc.

        A blog without readers? Is it still a blog then? Like the tree falling in the forest that still makes a noise…

        Yeah that’s exactly how it worked. It started out with me making kimchi actually (which I haven’t done in a while but should try to make soon). I had actually forgotten I had sent you a cookbook as well. So the new setup could be: you cook something from the Swedish cookbook, I cook something from the North Korean cookbook.

        Let’s continue the conversation via e-mail. You still have my gmail adress right?

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