11.119 Deep-Fried Breaded Broccoli Flower + Tonkatsu


3 (Sun) May 2020

Deep-Fried Breaded Broccoli Flower + Tonkatsu


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

For dinner, I started by making a simple mini tonkatsu.


Yesterday, I had received an unexpected gift of fresh broccoli from KF, which inspired me to try something new.


Having successfully deep-fried broccoli stems before (see 11.061 Deep-Fried Broccoli Stems), I used the leftover ingredients from the tonkatsu to make breaded deep-fried broccoli florettes (or “broccoli flower,” as KF would likely call them).

A deep-fry basket is handy in this kind of application, as the excess bread crumbs fall through the netting, allowing for a clean pool of oil for every successive batch; it requires double the amount oil, but that’s okay if the oil is saved for future uses.

The breading added a nice crisp.  But I wasn’t convinced that it was worth the effort.  Certainly, if the breadcrumbs and eggwash weren’t already available, I wouldn’t bother.

Incidentally, the featured photo above is the small plate that I fixed for our yaya, as I usually do when it’s something she’ll like.
Tonkatsu sauce from scratch – ketchup + worcestershire + mirin + soy + sugar + garlic powder – including freshly crushed sesame seeds.


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