12.117 Egg Wraps with Roast Duck

Cycle 12 – Item 117

2 (Sun) May 2021

Egg Wraps with Roast Duck


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

This dish was the culmination of 3 previous experiments: Peking duck (see 12.026 Battle: Duck!) + egg wrap (see 12.070 Scallion Egg Wraps) + roast duck (see 12.116 Undescribed Roast Duck).

The leftover half from yesterday’s duck, roasted for an additional 20 minutes in the oven – the skin still refused to get crispy.
Carving a duck – as they do tableside in Chinese restaurants for Peking duck (see for example 5.244 Scrambled Egg Whites with Fish & Dried Scallops) – requires a type of knife skill that I don’t (yet) have.
In a smaller pan this time: 2 drops of canola + 1 drop of sesame oil + 1 egg (1 scoop) (minced garlic chives already in the beaten eggs; in lieu of sliced scallions tossed onto the eggs while cooking in the pan, as before) + 2 teaspoons of minced zhacai + 1 small  (6 inch) tortilla (pre-browned in a dry skillet).
Once the wraps were done, the remaining assembly was a snap.
A thick swipe of hoisin sauce + a few pieces of duck + a smattering of thinly sliced large scallion (white part only).

I was confident that the dish would work, but it exceeded my expectations.  The egg wraps were perfectly soft and chewy as before, improved with the imbedded garlic chives.  The duck was moist and flavorful – dare I say, a distant yet respectful emulation of Cantonese roast duck, not bad for an improvised first-try – pairing exquisitely with the squishiness of the egg, enhanced by the fresh scallions.  The family loved it, devouring the whole batch within a few minutes, fighting over the final piece.

Next time, I’ll add a bit more chives to the egg, try to make the skins crispier, cut the flesh into thinner strips, and include sliced cucumbers as garnish, maybe some cilantro.


11 (Tue) May 2021

As noted in the comment section, reader GK was inspired to make his own egg wraps.  He sent photos.  Awesome!


4 thoughts on “12.117 Egg Wraps with Roast Duck

  1. That looks amazing. I’m inspired to try to do something similar!

      1. I did! Or, sort of. I chopped up two shallots and mixed them with 2 eggs + pepper. Fried in a pan and put a tortilla on top (maybe a little too late, the omelette didn’t really stick to the tortilla. Julienned some carrots, which I fried in sesame oil in a pan. Then put the stir-fried carrots on top of the tortilla and poured some tex mex-sauce. It was a weird combination that kinda worked (though the sauce was a little too watery). Still it accomplished:

        * I got to use up a leftover tortilla bread
        * I got to practice my julienning skills
        * I got to use up some carrots (I bought tons of them last time I went to the supermarket because they were so cheap)
        * I got to use some of the tex-mex sauce which had been sitting in my fridge since forever….

        (Btw “Taco Friday” is a thing in Sweden. Tons of families (especially with small children) makes “tacos” out of minced meat which is mixed with a factory-made “tex mex” spice mix, which is then consumed in tortillas together with chopped vegetables and “tex mex” sauce or creme fraiche. And yes, I know no Mexican would call that “tacos”…)

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