12.175 Ggomak Jeongsik

Cycle 12 – Item 175

29 (Tue) June 2021

Ggomak Jeongsik


at Sunnam Siraegi

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Republic of Korea-

with UJK, YLP

Lunch with YLP and UJK – former WHO colleagues, fellow Koreans, forever friends.

Funny that I haven’t yet seen most of my oldest closest friends in Korea since we’ve been back, yet today was the 3rd time seeing UJK (see 11.287 Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps; 11.258 Grilled Hanwoo 1+ Ribeye with Mushrooms), who’s still stuck in Korea until she can catch a ride to India.

Haven’t seen YLP since we threw her family a farewell dinner in the Philippines before she was deployed to Laos (see 10.329 BBQ Chicken).

YLP just arrived in Seoul this morning, heading down later in the afternoon to Jeonju, where she’ll spend home leave for a couple weeks.  With some free time in transit, she proposed lunch.  Funny, I was very honored and happy to see her, but I was wondering why she wouldn’t rather take the opportunity to see her own older closer friends.

I think that it’s because we continue to share a very strong bond over an intense experience in WHO.  Amplified by the on-going pandemic, the issues are still live for them, while still raw for me, but we can still relate to each other.  Indeed, we spent the entire time talking about WHO.  The older closer friends from pre-pandemic normal times, they’ll have to wait until some semblance of new normal is established.

Ggomak Jeongsik is a set meal at Sunnam Siraegi.  It comes with cockles (ggomak), parboiled and shelled and seasoned and tossed with garlic chives.  It’s served with rice, seasoned with sesame oil and mixed with cooked radish leaves (siraegi).

Not a big fan of the cockle salad part, but I love the siraegi rice.

YLP, who was in the mood for traditional Korean food, seemed to enjoy it, along with the other items on the table.



5 thoughts on “12.175 Ggomak Jeongsik

  1. Oh, you met my boss! Good to hear that you guys had a good time together. I tried to get in touch with you before I left Korea but was not able to reach you.

    1. EK, one of GMTD’s greatest supporters – couldn’t have finished TEITY without you. So great to hear from you!! Are you in LAO right now?

      1. I really enjoyed TEITY! Miss Tao yuan 🙂 Yes, I’m in LAO. It’s been a week in quarantine.

  2. Good to hear that you’re staying globally active, despite the pandemic. Great food in LAO, both local and French. I heard Gaojun is acting WR – please give him my regards. Stay safe! Let me know when you’re back in Korea….

    1. Food in this hotel I’m staying at is good. Looking forward to trying more great food in LAO!! Sure, I will relay your regards to Gaojun! 🙂 Looking forward to WPRO reunion when I get back in Korea.

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