12.310 Hwangsaechi (Belly) Nigirizushi

Cycle 12 – Cycle 310

12 (Fri) November 2021

Hwangsaechi (Belly) Nigirizushi


at Sushi Seon

-Sangga, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


For the basic items, prices have gone up to 1,200 won per plate.

Hwangsaechi is listed on the menu as a basic item, and only as a basic item.

When I requested hwangsaechi from the sushi chef, the sushi chef asked if I wanted body (deungsal) or belly (baetsal).  On prior occasions, they hadn’t given such options (see 11.286 Hwangsaechi Nigirizushi).  Without any thought, I asked for belly, 2 pieces.

Later, when settling the bill, I noticed that the hwangsaechi had been charged at 3,000 won per piece.

Me: “But the menu lists hwangsaechi at 1,200 won.”

Manager: “The chef gave you a choice, and you chose belly, which is a premium item.”

Me: “But when he asked me, he didn’t say that the belly is more expensive.  The menu doesn’t mention hwangsaechi belly as a premium item, like it does for tuna belly.  So, how was I supposed to know?  I’ll pay 1,200 won per piece.”

This went around a couple more times, each iteration almost exactly as above.

When we’d first encountered the restaurant, everything was priced at 1,000 won per plate, even the good stuff, which was the whole point.  Then, they started charging more for the good stuff, and upped the price for the cheap stuff.  And now, they’re playing bait-and-switch.

The restaurant is henceforth banned.



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