13.023 Neoguri Pesce

Cycle 13 – Item 23

28 (Fri) January 2022

Neoguri Pesce


by MtG

at Solddeul Camping

-Sinbok, Okcheon, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ, MtG + S

Camping Rehab, Part II (Day 1)

Having missed out on camping for over 7 years (see most recently 5.160 Tandoori Chicken), due primarily to my sojourn in the Philippines during most of that time, I undertook a long overdue family trip a couple months back (see 12.327 Pyeonyuk Muchim).  It turned out as well as could have been expected, given the rust, both figuratively (my camping skills) and literally (my camping gear).  But the trip left me invigorated and inspired to get back into the game.

This time, I made matters a bit easier on myself, bringing only IZ and inviting MtG – shockingly, I haven’t been camping with my best friend in 8.5 years (see most recently 4.259 Chicken & Shrimp Burrito).

Tequila works well as a camping booze, because it’s cheap, tasty, and goes down pretty smooth without ice – this used to be our go-to brand.

When planning for the trip, I’d proposed to eat dinner out, so as to minimize the hassle, but he assured me, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.”  His solution was to bring prototypes of home delivery meal kits – premade sauces with precooked pasta, just reheat and combine – that he’s developing for his restaurant business.   I was looking forward to trying the mobile version of the so-called “pesce” dish that I’d thoroughly enjoyed upon my visit to the restaurant last year (see 12.173 Pesce).

He forgot to pack the pasta.  He claimed that the omission had been intentional, to give me something fun to complain about.  He substituted ramyeon noodles – specifically Neoguri, which I had packed in case of emergency (“I probably won’t need this, but who knows?”).

It kinda worked.   While tomato-based, the Italian soup was spicy enough, and packed with seafood, that it paired well enough with the Korean noodles.

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