13.024 Gambas al Ajillo

Cycle 13 – Item 24

29 (Sat) January 2022

Gambas al Ajillo


by me

at Solddeul Camping

-Sinbok, Okcheon, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ, MtG + S, KKH, KIT

Camping Rehab, Part II (Day 2)

Having missed out on camping for over 7 years (see most recently 5.160 Tandoori Chicken), due primarily to my sojourn in the Philippines during most of that time, I undertook a long overdue family trip a couple months back (see 12.327 Pyeonyuk Muchim).  It turned out as well as could have been expected, given the rust, both figuratively (my camping skills) and literally (my camping gear).  But the trip left me invigorated and inspired to get back into the game.

This time, I made matters a bit easier on myself, bringing only IZ and inviting MtG – shockingly, I haven’t been camping with my best friend in 8.5 years (see most recently 4.259 Chicken & Shrimp Burrito).


On Day 2, a few buddies from the camping crew dropped by.

We rendezvoused at Okcheon Jeontong Naeng Myeon for lunch before escorting them back to the camping grounds.

They were appropriately impressed with the pyeonyuk muchim, not so much with the mul naeng myeon – confirming my own first impressions.


When camping with others in a potluck arrangement, I prefer to make my contribution early on, so I can relax later in the evening.  Also, campers tend to be more impressionable at the outset, so they’re more likely to enjoy the food.

My dome tent (right) docked with MtG’s teepee tent (left).

Gambas al Ajillo works very well as a camping dish.  Easy to cook in its basic form, a bit more fuss though still quite feasible – and worth the extra effort – via my 3-step method (see 12.343 Gambas al Ajillo (with recipe)).   Convenient to eat, especially when served with bread, pairs well with all manner of booze.

Everyone – except MtG, who kept claiming that deep-frying shrimp shells is a waste of time – seemed to enjoy it.


Whereas MtG had arrived first yesterday, he chose a spot higher up in the hills.  Compared to our prior site (see 12.325 (Garlic) Abalones), the location was much woodsier, closer to the store and restrooms, and surrounded by other campers.  However, dogs aren’t allowed to roam free, so Louis Le Pieux had to be tied up.

MtG loves to cook over open flames, says it makes him feel primal.  I suspect that he enjoys the cost savings on butane gas.

I didn’t partake of the dish – no more pork bellies for me – but I was impressed by the visuals.


As the sun began to set, the wind became too cold for us to sit outside, so we retreated to the tent for a long night of drinking, eating, talking.  Just like old times.




(See also CAMPING)

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