13.025 Ojingeo + Gul Jjambbong

Cycle 13 – Item 25

30 (Sun) January 2022

Ojingeo + Gul Jjambbong


at Haemul Pumeun Jjambbong

-Asin, Okcheon, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ, MtG + S

Camping Rehab, Part II (Day 3)

Having missed out on camping for over 7 years (see most recently 5.160 Tandoori Chicken), due primarily to my sojourn in the Philippines during most of that time, I undertook a long overdue family trip a couple months back (see 12.327 Pyeonyuk Muchim).  It turned out as well as could have been expected, given the rust, both figuratively (my camping skills) and literally (my camping gear).  But the trip left me invigorated and inspired to get back into the game.

This time, I made matters a bit easier on myself, bringing only IZ and inviting MtG – shockingly, I haven’t been camping with my best friend in 8.5 years (see most recently 4.259 Chicken & Shrimp Burrito).

We were also joined by a few buddies from the camping crew.


Haemul Pumeun Jjambbong is a Korean-Chinese restaurant chain.  Specializes in jjambbong.

Located directly across the highway from the entrance to Okcheon, I was struck recently upon seeing the signage for the jjambbong restaurant, which had opened 3 years ago, while I was in the Philippines.

After packing up the gear – compared to over 4 hours doing it on my own last time, the process took less than 1 hour when aided by 3 seasoned campers – we ate lunch together before parting ways.

Same ownership and same shared space as Jeonju Kongnamul Gukbab, a local landmark restaurant that’s been around for decades.

We didn’t have much choice in venue, as MtG’s kid would not shut the fuck up about eating jjajang myeon, nonstop since lunch yesterday.  (I was secretly pleased that the jjajang myeon was kinda crappy, even if that meant IZ also didn’t enjoy the food.)

The menu for kongnamul gukbab on the left, for jjambbong on the right – the kitchens are on opposite sides of the dining hall.

I couldn’t decide between jjambbong with ojingeo (squid) or with gul (oysters), so I got gul jjambbong plus an additional order of ojingeo.

It was awesome.  Super fresh seafood.  Super rich broth – so jacked with MSG that my eyes were puffy by the end of the meal.  A great hangover dish to wrap up the trip.

Glad to have a non-MNM dining option next time we camp in Okcheon.



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