13.082 Double Neobiani Cheese Burger

Cycle 13 – Item 82

28 (Mon) March 2022

Double Neobiani Cheese Burger


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

The 4th in an on-going series of experiments to make burgers comprised of frozen patties, this time neobiani (with gochujang-sour cream sauce):

  1. 13.066 Chicken Burger (with chili-ketchup sauce)
  2. 13.070 Cheese Tonkatsu Burger (with tonkatsu-mayo sauce)
  3. 13.075 Fishkatsu Burger (with tartare sauce)
Purchased solely on the shape and size of the patties, each uniformly flat and the width of a burger bun.

Neobiani is a Korean dish.  Form of bulgogi in which beef is sliced into thin flat sheets – “neobi = wide” – scored on both sides, marinated, then grilled over flames.  Though often described as the original method of preparation in royal court cuisine, neobiani is uncommon in modern contexts.

The description reminds of the bulgogi made by GK following a recipe in a North Korean cookbook (see 12.044 Blueberry-Lingonberry Cheesecake).

The ketchup and mayo didn’t come through as much as the gochujang and sour cream.

The burgers turned out quite nicely.  Made of ground pork, the patties weren’t technically neobiani, more like ddeokgalbi.  Anyway, they tasted pretty good: sweet soy garlic flavor with a touch of (artificial) char.  Two patties per burger + cheese + onion + sauerkraut + lettuce + sauce.  Better, by far, than the Bulgogi Burger at McDonald’s (see for example 2.295 Bulgogi Burger).


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