13.146 Geon Dubu Bokkeum

Cycle 13 – Item 146

31 (Tue) May 2022

Geon Dubu Bokkeum


at No Gyeong Seong

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

Geon Dubu Bokkeum is a Chinese(ish) dish.  Sheets of dried tofu (geon dubu), cut into strips, stir-fried (bokkeum) with garlic.  Staple in restaurants serving Korean Chinese cuisine*.

I also appreciate that Chinese restaurants of all kinds are now moving beyond beer and soju to offer Chinese booze, such as Kongfujia, a popular brand of kaoliang, which is high in alcohol content (38%) but pleasingly mellow when sipped in small glasses.

*A tiny but (hopefully) growing segment of the Chinese dining scene in Seoul comprises Korean Chinese cuisine – not Koreanized Chinese, as in jjajang myeon and jjambbong, but the Chineseish food of ethnic Koreans from China.  Primarily but not limited to oreans hailing from the Yianbian region – specifically the Yianbian Autonomous Prefecture – in northeast China.  Once limited to lamb skewers (see for example 1.218 Lamb Skewers), restaurants are now expanding their menus to include other dishes.  One of GMTD’s all-time favorite restaurants in Korea, Dongbuk Hwagwa Wang, was a pioneer in this niche field (see most recently 12.088 Yellow Cucumber Pulled Skin).

Mul Mandu (3.0): pork dumplings with hand-rolled skins – IZ’s favorite.

While No Gyeong Seong is ostensibly a lamb skewer restaurant, I am more drawn to the other dishes, especially the geon dubu bokkeum.



(See also BOOZE)

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