13.186 Swallowing Clouds

Cycle 13 – Item 186

10 (Sun) July 2022

Swallowing Clouds


at No Gyeong Seong

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with W and LHS

Wonton is a type of Chinese dish.  It’s a dumpling, typically comprising minced pork and/or shrimp, plus aromatics, wrapped in a thin skin, commonly boiled, sometimes pan/deep-fried.  The name means “cloud (雲 = wan/won) + swallowing (吞 = tan/ton),” signifying their appearance when floating in a soup (see for example 10.189 Clouds in Sky).  In Korean, the Chinese characters are phoneticized as “wun (운) tan (탄),” though the dumplings are just called “wantang.”

In Mandarin, the same dumplings are referred to as “hundun (餛飩) = dumplings” (see for example 11.303 Baozi) (5 minutes of on-line research didn’t reveal a clear explanation as to the different nomenclature).

At this restaurant, the menu lists the item as “완탕 (훈둔) / wantang (hundun).”

Whatever the name, they’re okay.  Mostly skin, much thinner than the hand-rolled skins of the mandu (see for comparison 13.146 Geon Dubu Bokkeum), with a tiny bit of filling.  The soup includes a bit of shredded laver, making it taste like Korean mandu guk.  The least remarkable dish that I’ve had here thus far.



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