13.300 Prosciutto & Fig Salada

Cycle 13 – Item 300

1 (Tue) November 2022

Prosciutto & Fig Salada


at Tenba

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W, SYJ

Tenba is a Japanese pub/restaurant.  Offers traditional and fusion dishes.  Reservations required.  Part of the ever-growing chic and trendy Seongsu dining scene.

Located a few block east of the office, down a small alley, in what was once a residential house.

With W now coming in to the office on a part-time/informal basis, I invited her to dinner with our director of operations, partly just to get acquainted but mostly to start laying the groundwork for the eventual full integration – things are going to change.

The food was awesome.  The ingredients were irreproachably fresh.  The compositions were thoughtfully/creatively conceived, expertly executed.  The presentations were gorgeous.   Loved every dish.

Sashimi Moriawase (4): just the good stuff, no more, no less (see for comparison 13.142 Modeum Sashimi).

My favorite dish was the Prosciutto Fig Salad.  The base combination of salty prosciutto and sweet fig was perfectly balanced and would’ve been good as is.  But the additional components of parboiled shrimp + grated parmesan cheese + black truffle flakes + fresh arugula + walnut bits + orange zest + dabs of mayo + radish slices, which looked like a chaotic mess, came together in a soaring symphony of complimentary/contrasting flavors and textures – given the complexity of the dish, the name seems comically simplistic.  I was thoroughly surprised and entertained by the experience.

Ankimo (4): perhaps the best plate of ankimo that I can recall.



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