13.334 Roasted Lobster – Special

Cycle 13 – Item 334

5 (Mon) December 2022

Roasted Lobster – Special


at Lobster Public Lounge

-Songdo, Yeonsu, Incheon, Republic of Korea-


In Incheon.  Here to supervise a book fair at CI, my first one at this school (previously in 2019, before I came on board).  Anticipated to be our biggest event of the season, and given the long distance home, I will be staying in a hotel for the duration, a full fledged duty travel (see also 12.104 Gonghwachun Jjajang Myeon).

CI Winter Book Fair (Day 0)

We arrived at noon for the set-up and finished at 17:00.

Located in the Songdo Central Park Prugio Building (forgot to take a photo of the exterior), 1.1 km from the school, 1.1 km from the hotel.

Lobster Public Lounge is a seafood restaurant.  Specializes in lobster, offered in Americanish roasted form, as well as a variety of other dishes, such as Sichuan stir-fry, Korean hotpot, Italian pasta.

On the way to the hotel, I saw the sign and stopped by for dinner.

The L option doesn’t come with a large lobster, just 3 small ones, each 700 grams.

The rule compelling me to order lobster when on duty travel still stands (see 10.220 Grilled Lobster).

Wiesen Haus Public Weisen

Meh.  Supposedly 700 grams, the lobster was already small, then chopped into smaller pieces, making each bite seem rather meager, as if picking through someone else’s leftover shells, certainly far from a luxurious feast.  The so-called “special” sauce turned out to be a blend of mayo + cheese + sugar, sickly sweet and ickily gooey, reminiscent of the lobster at New York Lobster (see 12.068 Fried Season Maine Lobster with Spices).  Oh well.

Lobster Pasta in Rosé Sauce (3.0): this was quite good.



(See also BOOZE)

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