13.335 Chicken Tandoori + Dal Makhani + Naan

Cycle 13 – Item 335

6 (Tue) December 2022

Chicken Tandoori + Dal Makhani + Naan


at Bombay Brau

-Songdo, Yeonsu, Incheon, Republic of Korea-


In Incheon.  Here to supervise a book fair at CI, my first one at this school (previously in 2019, before I came on board).  Anticipated to be our biggest event of the season, and given the long distance home, I will be staying in a hotel for the duration, a full fledged duty travel (see also 12.104 Gonghwachun Jjajang Myeon).

CI Winter Book Fair (Day 1)


The 2.2-km route from the hotel to the school took 6 minutes by car (probably would’ve been quicker on bike).  By comparison, the 58-km route from home would’ve taken around 1.5 hours.

Located 2.2 km from the school.


CI is one of the biggest international schools in Korea.
The biggest outbound of stock in our book fair history, we’re hoping to achieve one of the biggest sales ever.


Bombay Brau is an Indian restaurant chain.  The menu is fairly standard, mostly curries, along with a a few tandoori dishes, plus naan and biryani.

Located in the Songdo Central Park Prugio Building (forgot to take a photo of the exterior) (next door to Lobster Public Lounge), 1.1 km from the school, 1.1 km from the hotel.

I was too tired to dine in – just sitting there waiting for the food was painful – so I got the food to go and ate it in my hotel room, mostly on the bed.

The rooms are fine, but the hotel does not offer any amenities, like a restaurant, gym, or business center (a few desks, but no functioning equipment).

The food was quite good.  The chicken was very tender, nicely seasoned, though a bit short on smoky tandoori flavor.  The naan was beautifully chewy and tasty, but again kinda lacking in char.  The curry was somewhat boring per se but worked as a kind of sauce for the chicken and bread.  Best Indian meal in ages (see for comparison 12.184 Chicken Tandoori).



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