14.053 Grilled Tuna

Cycle 14 – Item 53

27 (Mon) February 2023

Grilled Tuna


on MV Adora

-Thaa Atoll, Maldives-

w DV and friends

Living Aboard the MV Adora (Day 3/13)

MV AdoraIn the Maldives.  Here for my 2nd liveaboard.  For 10 days, I’ll be on the MV Adora – same boat as my 1st experience (see previously 9.191 Grilled Beef Tenderloin) – sailing through the Deep South Atolls, diving from the boat, while I eat, drink (mostly drink), sleep, i.e., “live aboard” the boat.


Dives 5-7 (this trip) / 160-162 (lifetime)

Highlight: Olhugiri Kandu – Thaa Atoll

My dear teacher DV, playing a prank by pretending to shut off my air flow – though I didn’t know it at the time, instead signaling an oblivious “OK” to MM (actually, I can’t remember the moment, even after watching the clip), who had initiated the prank and filmed it.  Ha-ha, motherfuckers.  Seriously, though, don’t ever do that for real – it would likely induce panic in the diver, resulting in catastrophic injury or even death.


Weird creamy tuna + steamed vegetables + vegetable curry + rice + salad (1.5).


Anchored for the evening in an area known for whale sharks, the boat turned on the flood lights at the stern.  The lights attracted plankton to the surface, attracting a baby whale shark to surface for an evening snack.  As with the nurse sharks yesterday, several divers jumped in to join.

In contrast to seeing a whale shark from afar at depth (see 9.186 Roast Beef in Mushroom Gravy), the animal up close and on the surface seemed fake, reminding me of Bruce, the animatronic Great White Shark from Jaws at Universal Studios.

The closest that I got was taking this shot, less than half a meter away.

Again, I neglected to join, though I should’ve – when will I ever get another chance to swim alongside a whale shark!?!?


The food appears similar to what I’d experienced before, but less satisfying in general (see lunch above).

Grilled tuna + deep-fried squid + rice + penne in tomato sauce + salad (2.5)


Atulla, the bartender/server/busser on board, is my favorite member of the crew.  He was there on my first trip .  From Sri Lanka, as are a handful of the crew, he drinks.  And so we’ve been drinking together, after the other guests and crew have retired to their quarters for the night.

Regrettably, the boat lost its contract for Tiger draft beer (see previously 9.185 Chili Spaghetti – Atulla is pulling the draft), so canned beer only.


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