14.057 Beach BBQ

Cycle 14 – Item 57

3 (Fri) March 2023

Beach BBQ


on MV Adora

-Gaafu Alifu Atoll, Maldives-

w DV and friends

Living Aboard the MV Adora (Day 7/13)

MV AdoraIn the Maldives.  Here for my 2nd liveaboard.  For 10 days, I’ll be on the MV Adora – same boat as my 1st experience (see previously 9.191 Grilled Beef Tenderloin) – sailing through the Deep South Atolls, diving from the boat, while I eat, drink (mostly drink), sleep, i.e., “live aboard” the boat.


Dives 16-18 (this trip) / 171-173 (lifetime)

Rarely do I see, much less capture on film, anything good underwater, but I was in the right place at the right time to see, and capture, a face-off between a marble ray (right) facing off against a sting ray (left) – in fact, the shot was originally tracking a baby reef shark (briefly seen at the start of the videa), which then leads to the rays.


A tradition on the MV Adora is to host a beach BBQ dinner on a deserted island (see previously 9.187 BBQ).

Compared to the party on the prior trip, the spread this time slightly skimpier, both in the quality of items and variety.  In fact, I’ve sensed a general drop-off in the food offerings throughout the journey, as if the kitchen is under a tighter budget (even though we’re paying much more for this trip).

Not that the food was that great last time anyway.  Not that it’s about the food at all.


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