14.055 Tuna Sashimi

Cycle 14 – Item 55

1 (Wed) March 2023

Tuna Sashimi


on MV Adora

-Gaafu Alifu Atoll, Maldives-

w DV and friends

Living Aboard the MV Adora (Day 5/13)

MV AdoraIn the Maldives.  Here for my 2nd liveaboard.  For 10 days, I’ll be on the MV Adora – same boat as my 1st experience (see previously 9.191 Grilled Beef Tenderloin) – sailing through the Deep South Atolls, diving from the boat, while I eat, drink (mostly drink), sleep, i.e., “live aboard” the boat.


Dolphins are extremely playful at a distance, jumping and flipping and twisting out of the water, but they won’t get close to humans.

Having missed prior opportunities to swim with nurse sharks (see 14.052 Mas Huni) and a whale shark (see 14.053 Grilled Tuna), I wasn’t about to miss a chance to swim with dolphins.  Though I didn’t get very close.


Stir-fried ramen noodles + kungpao chicken + vegetables in oyster sauce + rice + salad (3.0)


Dives 10-12 (this trip) / 165-167 (lifetime)

Highlight: Villingili Kandu – Gaafu Alifu Atoll (North Huvadhu)

As shown in the video, we anchored ourselves to the edge of the channel with reef hooks – the current is extremely strong, feels like being in a wind tunnel.  As demonstrated by Vince, the guy who can be heard screaming with excitement, the underwater hand signal for “shark” is a hand chop to the forehead (like a dorsal fin).

We watched in awe as a huge shiver of gray reef sharks, easily more than 100, swam around in front us, apparently indifferent to our presence.   One of the most amazing displays of sea life that I’ve experienced in the water.

Shouldn’t really be touching the ground with my fins, but I wanted a steady shot.


During the afternoon, the crew caught a small tuna while line-fishing.  They do it for fun, and don’t get paid for it, though incentivizing the practice would seem to be a win for everyone: fresh fish for the guests + extra cash for the crew + cheaper food costs for ownership.

Maldivians catch a lot of tuna but always cook it (see for example 14.053 Grilled Tuna), never eat it raw, even though they’re well aware that tuna is prized around the world as sashimi.


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