14.083 Tacos

Cycle 14 – Item 83

29 (Wed) March 2023



at Taco Tuesday

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with TB staff

Taco Tuesday is a Tex-Mex restaurant.  Specializes in tacos, and a smattering of other dishes.

Same location that once housed God Eat (see 13.012 Shrimp Tacos), suggesting same/partial ownership (given the similar menu).

The occasion was lunch for staff who’d worked the recent book fair at Dulwich College (see generally 14.048 Ramen etc).

Prices (compared to Got Eat) are up around 10% across the board.

Taco Tuesday is, apparently, an American custom to eat tacos on Tuesdays, whether at home or in restaurants.  Presumably Tuesday because of the alliteration with “taco.”  Restaurants in various jurisdictions across the US have been granted trademarks on “Taco Tuesday,” though it seems to be widely embraced/used as a generic term.

Much busier interior than before – personally, this feels more like a restaurant.

Growing up in California through the mid-1980s, I can’t recall Taco Tuesday.  Maybe it wasn’t yet a thing.  Though I was in a Korean household, so maybe it was just us.  My first recollection of the concept was in 2006, seeing characters discussing it in an episode of Lost (3.06 I Do).

Garlic Mushroom Taco (2.0): mushrooms were kinda spongy.

The tacos were passable.  Started off wrong with cold, stiff flour tortillas – just as Koreans are starting to realize the need to toast burger buns, they’re not there yet for tortillas.  But the fillings were okay, about as good as any home cook could do on a random Taco Tuesday with ingredients on hand.  Don’t think I’d come back of my own accord, certainly wouldn’t wait in line for it, but if my staff wanted to and made a reservation then maybe.

At least they got the sauce right (but see 14.069 Chicken Burrito).



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