14.082 Golbaengi Set

Cycle 14 – Item 82

28 (Tue) March 2023

Golbaengi Set


at Insaeng Suljip Saenggak i Na

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with W and IZ

Try Every Restaurant in Scandi Mall (3) (see TERSM).

Located in the west wing of the mall.

Insaeng Suljip Saenggak i Na (인생술집 생각이나) is a Korean pub.  Specializes in golbaengi, as well as other traditional pub fare.

The chart at bottom right compares nutritional values of golbaengi vs abalone (from top: protein, calcium, iron, vitamin, fat, retinol, carotin).

According to the sign, the restaurant serves golbaengi in the original style of the dish invented in the Eulji-ro neighborhood of Seoul back in the 1960s.  The restaurant uses DPF Euljiro brand of wild golbaengi caught at ocean depths of 70-130 meters (I find that hard to believe).

The menu offers sets featuring Korean golbaengi (presumably DPF Euljiro mentioned in the sign) or English golbaengi (really?) at slightly cheaper prices.

Just walking by, I was intrigued by the establishment’s utter disregard for refinement, emanating a legit old-school substance-over-style vibe – not a faux retro (see for example 12.293 Makhoe) – that suggested confidence in their food.

I doubt that the interior was designed as such, more likely a mishmash of furniture and fixtures from prior F&B businesses – we sat on the sofas, totally random yet so comfy.

W is a big fan of golbaengi (see for example 12.289 Golbaengi Sari), me not so much.

Sari – can’t recall if I’ve encountered golbaengi that doesn’t come with noodles.
Gyeran Mari – first time eating this with golbaengi, and it paired very nicely.
Even the color of the golbaengi were different.

The food was good.  We ordered the set that came with Korean golbaengi + sari (noodles) + gyeran mari (omelet roll).   The dressing of the golbaengi salad was nicely balanced, not too spicy, not too sweet.  The DPF Euljiro golbaengi were light and delicate and delicious, far superior to the canned golbaengi typically sold in supermarkets (see for example 13.123 Golbaengi Sari) – so good that we ordered a refill for the leftover sauce.  Perhaps the best golbaengi dish that I’ve ever experienced.

Not a proper restaurant, rice isn’t on the menu, but the kitchen happened to have a couple Haetban, so we made a meal of it.

(See also HANSIK)


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