14.172 Spicy Chicken Dogs

Cycle 14 – Item 172

26 (Mon) June 2023

Spicy Chicken Dogs


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

From What’s Pide, where I’d purchased several packages of frozen sausages in 3 different varieties to make at home (see generally 14.153 Shrimp Burger).

10,000 won for 4 pieces, same as the other varieties.

This is the 3rd and final one, following British Original Sausages (see 14.154 British Original Sausages), Italian Sausages (see 14.161 Spaghetti with Sausages, Tomatoes, and Mushrooms).

From Lee Jong Bakery, the ciabatta is amazing in sandwich applications (see most recently 14.115 Grilled Salmon on Toasted Ciabatta).

Wanting to make hotdogs, but having no buns – hotdog buns are generally unavailable in Korea, except through the internet, usually in bulk – I tried using ciabatta by cutting them lengthwise in half, then splitting each half down the middle.  It kinda worked, though the bread was too shallow to comfortably hold the thick sausage and toppings.

I’ll say it a million times: ciabatta must be toasted to bring out the full taste and texture (see for example 14.126 Spaghetti Bouillabaisse).

The sausages themselves were good.  Pan-grilled whole until golden brown.  Similar to the British-style sausages in mild flavor, but with a kick.  Perhaps my favorite of the 3, though each has something different to offer.

For the second dog, I drizzled some Sriracha Tabasco on top (also in the base sauce) – much needed zing.

The dish was somewhat disappointing, however.  In light of the sausage’s mildness, the flavor of the meat was lost amidst the sauce, sauerkraut, and arugula, just a hint of spiciness in the background, making each bite kinda bland – the Italian sausages might’ve worked better here.  But it was fun to make, and eat.



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