14.171 Ojingeo Ddangkong

Cycle 14 – Item 171

25 (Sun) June 2023

Ojingeo Ddangkong


at Spinn Bowling Center

-Munjeong, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Spinn Bowling Center is a bowling center.  Also offers screen golf.

Located in the Garden 5 complex.
Packed when we’d arrived, mostly empty when we left.

In the course of a sleepover at a friend’s place recently, IZ had tried bowling for the first time.  He enjoyed it.  So, we all went bowling for the first time as a family.

A pretty decent selection of beers.

The last time that I went bowling was in the States, sometime between 2001-2002, when the law firm that I was clerking at during law school hosted a bowling night.  I vaguely recall that the place had a small restaurant that served burgers and such.

They also sell ramyeon, not just the instant cup kind, but the kind that requires boiling in a pot of water, though I don’t recall seeing any kind of cooking facility.

Ojingeo Ddakong is a Korean cracker product by Orion.  Consists of a crispy round shell infused with dried squid (ojingeo), enclosing a peanut (ddongkong).  It’s meant to invoke the squid + peanut anju that’s commonly served with beer (see for example 12.245 Ban Geon Ojingeo Ddangkong).  Launched in 1976, it is arguably the most fundamental/traditional Korean snack of all time.

Saeukkang (shrimp chips) (left) were introduced in 1971, but originated in Japan.

Not a huge fan, but I enjoy them on occasion, like when I’m drinking beer.

(See also HANSIK)


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