14.204 Crispy Rice Flour Rolls (Zhaliang)

Cycle 14 – Item 197

21 (Fri) July 2023

Crispy Rice Flour Rolls (Zhaliang)


at Dim Dimsum

(Lotte World Mall)

-Jamsil, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

w IZ

Having raved about the restaurant’s Coex branch (14.159 Roast Duck Noodle Soup), I was pleased to find that the restaurant in Lotte World Mall was just as good.

Located at the far end of B1 of Lotte World Mall.

IZ, who’s still on summer break, spent the day with me at work.  Afterwards, we took the metro home, which transfers at Jamsil Station (Lotte World Mall).  We dropped by Dim Dimsum for dinner.

Zhaliang is a Chinese dish.  A type of dimsum comprising an outer layer of cheung fun (steamed rice flour roll) + middle layer of youtiao (deep-fried dough) + inner filling (e.g., shrimp), served with a drizzle of soy sauce.  The name of the dish.

Or maybe it was cabbage?

Awesome.   Above and beyond the silkiness of standard cheung fun, the crispiness of the youtai provided a very nice contrasting texture.  Even better, the shrimp filling included a sliver of what appeared to be iceberg lettuce for additional crunch, as well as freshness.   The sauce – often an underrated part of the dish – was a perfectly balanced salty-sweet, light-delicate.  I’m ordering this every time.

Across from Dim Dimsum, this potato restaurant – generally, I refuse to queue for any restaurant, though I’m curious what would make this place worth waiting for, especially in light of my on-going potato project (see generally THE GAMJA PROJECT).



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