3.031 Lobster Etc


5 (Sun) February 2012

Lobster Etc


at Haesin

-Bangi, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, the In-Laws

For various reasons, all of them dumb, the in-laws suddenly offered to give me 1 million won in cash as a birthday gift, even though my birthday was over a month ago (December 28).  I refused.  They insisted.  I proposed that they buy me dinner instead.  Okay, but something special, they grudgingly conceded.  Lobster, I suggested.  Agreed.

This Japanese seafood restaurant, specializing in crab, also lobster, came recommended for its extravagant full-course meals.  Prices ranged from 60,000 to 80,000 per person.

We got 2 orders of lobster (60,000 each) and 2 orders of crab (70,000 each).  As evident in the photos below (the only item that I didn’t photograph was the final dish of pineapple), the food was certainly plentiful.  It was all pretty good, though I couldn’t help but wish that they’d reduce the number of dishes and give more lobster.

I only got to eat one piece of the tail, the damn kid hogging the rest.  Later, he would claim that he didn’t really like the lobster, the crab being much more suited to his tastes.  Ingrate.  I’m beginning to understand why my own parents consider me to be such an unappreciative brat.

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