6.303 Stuffing with Pan-Fried Chicken Breast


4 (Wed) November 2015

Stuffing with Pan-Fried Chicken Breast


by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Stuffing is an American bread dish.  Consists of stale bread (e.g., plain white sandwich bread, sourdough, cornbread), cut/torn into small pieces, reconstituted with liquid (e.g., chicken stock) and fat (e.g., butter), seasoned with herbs (e.g., sage), mixed with sautéed aromatics (e.g., onion, celery), veg (e.g., mushrooms, zucchini), sometimes meat (e.g., sausage, bacon), then baked on its own or stuffed into the cavity of a roasting turkey or chicken — hence the name — though this practice is now considered unsafe.  Traditionally served on Thanksgiving, arguably the second most important item of the spread, after the turkey itself.

Personally, my sole point of reference for stuffing is the boxed instant product by Stove Top.  Despite the dish’s central role in the most important American culinary event of the year, stuffing is surprisingly difficult to find in any other context, particularly in restaurants — for example, stuffing would seem to be a natural side dish at KFC, but no.

Leftover sourdough baguette, left out to dry, pulsed to make bread crumbs, but my crappy food processor could only manage to break them down to cubes, which gave me the idea for stuffing.

Several years back, when Number One Fan LY was coming to visit Korea from the States, I asked her to bring me a couple boxes of Stove Top.  Her dismissive reaction —  “Stuffing is so easy to make from scratch!” — the only time in our history that she’s made a show of culinary superiority.  Never forgot it.

So, at long last, I accepted the challenge.

Eh.  Bread, not as cohesive as I would’ve liked.  So-called “poultry seasoning” comprised of dried herbs — could’ve gone fresh, but I wanted to see how “quick and easy” stuffing would turn out — fell flat.  Easy, maybe.  But much room for improvement.


5 thoughts on “6.303 Stuffing with Pan-Fried Chicken Breast

  1. true that i never claimed any sort of culinary superiority over you other than that time. seriously, stove top? blech.

  2. but those cubes of bread which are months and months old!!! I guess i eat plenty of other processed foods so that shouldn’t bother me so much but for some reason it does!

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