7.138 Meatball Sub Destrux


22 (Sun) May 2016

Meatball Sub Destrux


by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Walking through the mall to do some weekend shopping, dropping by Sbarro’s for an afternoon snack (see most recently 6.290 The Future…), seeing the meatballs on display, recalling the leftover bread and cheese from the raclette party a couple days back (see 7.136 Raclette), which had prompted me to make a sandwich for dinner yesterday (see 7.137 Salami Sub…), I was inspired to attempt my first ever meatball sub.

Started out okay, at least in appearance…
…but the first bite, whereupon the sandwich crumbled into this mess, immediately demonstrated that the construction wasn’t right, so I just cut everything up into manageable bite-sized pieces.

Goes to show that even something seemingly so simple requires technique.

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