7.339 Mo Mushrooms


9 (Fri) December 2016

Sautéed Mushrooms



-WPRO, Ermita-

with WPRO

My second WPRO Year-End-Party (YEP) (see previously 6.340 YEP!).

To my knowledge, we are the only Regional Office that convenes a year-end-party.

Setting up the stage in the parking lot …
The boss wasn’t happy about the condition of the lawn after YEP last year, so we were forced to do it on concrete this year.
I busted out my Snow Peak IGT and other camping gear, so we’d have a central hang-out spot.

The theme this year was The 90s.  Most of the presentations by the divisions didn’t really have much of a recognizable/cohesive creative concept — was anything from the 90s recognizable/cohesive?!?! — except DCD (Division of Communicable Diseases), which parodied Men in Black for infectious disease control — festive!!!! — and DHS (Division of Health Systems) (my new home), which performed a medley of songs representing the five attributes of Universal Health Coverage — funky!!!!

“Mo Money, Mo Problems” represented EFFICIENCY (i.e., allocative efficiency in health care expenditures), performed by me and AC (from the Health Policy and Financing unit), she rapping lyrics adapted to address health financing issues — I know!!!! — and I beatboxing — I know!!!!   I now understand why singers these days use those earphones, as neither of us could hear the other over all the cacaphony, likely resulting in a disjointed performance (if any clips should ever appear online).

8 thoughts on “7.339 Mo Mushrooms

  1. that sounds like so much fun. i’d appreciate a view of the performance should you discover a clip online.

    1. I think you and I are the most “regular” commenters on this blog! Nice to meet you!

      1. before moving GMTD to this new site, i had more regular readers. for various reasons already explained elsewhere, i’ve deliberately kept a low profile since the move, but i do kinda miss the relationships that i had before.

        LY has always been Number One Fan (also one of my best friends, despite what some of her vitriolic comments would suggest).

      2. hi Yale, it does seem that way. nice to meet you on this blog!

    1. you know, i really don’t remember much about the mushrooms, or any of the food. not really the point at YEP. but from the photo, looks like button mushrooms from a can (like in cheap chinese food).

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