7.339 Mo Mushrooms


9 (Fri) December 2016

Sautéed Mushrooms



-WPRO, Ermita-

with WPRO

My second WPRO Year-End-Party (YEP) (see previously 6.340 YEP!).

To my knowledge, we are the only Regional Office that convenes a year-end-party.

Setting up the stage in the parking lot …
The boss wasn’t happy about the condition of the lawn after YEP last year, so we were forced to do it on concrete this year.
I busted out my Snow Peak IGT and other camping gear, so we’d have a central hang-out spot.

The theme this year was The 90s.  Most of the presentations by the divisions didn’t really have much of a recognizable/cohesive creative concept — was anything from the 90s recognizable/cohesive?!?! — except DCD (Division of Communicable Diseases), which parodied Men in Black for infectious disease control — festive!!!! — and DHS (Division of Health Systems) (my new home), which performed a medley of songs representing the five attributes of Universal Health Coverage — funky!!!!

“Mo Money, Mo Problems” represented EFFICIENCY (i.e., allocative efficiency in health care expenditures), performed by me and AC (from the Health Policy and Financing unit), she rapping lyrics adapted to address health financing issues — I know!!!! — and I beatboxing — I know!!!!   I now understand why singers these days use those earphones, as neither of us could hear the other over all the cacaphony, likely resulting in a disjointed performance (if any clips should ever appear online).

8 thoughts on “7.339 Mo Mushrooms

  1. that sounds like so much fun. i’d appreciate a view of the performance should you discover a clip online.

    1. I think you and I are the most “regular” commenters on this blog! Nice to meet you!

      1. before moving GMTD to this new site, i had more regular readers. for various reasons already explained elsewhere, i’ve deliberately kept a low profile since the move, but i do kinda miss the relationships that i had before.

        LY has always been Number One Fan (also one of my best friends, despite what some of her vitriolic comments would suggest).

    1. you know, i really don’t remember much about the mushrooms, or any of the food. not really the point at YEP. but from the photo, looks like button mushrooms from a can (like in cheap chinese food).

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